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Invoate Where Innovation Finds Its Home

Where Innovation Thrives Across Industries

Welcome to Invoate, the visionary parent company that drives innovation across diverse sectors. Within our dynamic ecosystem, we nurture pioneering ventures such as Salem Craft, where we create Hauntingly Innovative Web Experiences, and Epic Beauty INC, redefining beauty standards with elegance and sophistication. Invoate stands as a beacon of creativity and progress, fostering a culture of innovation that inspires and empowers. Join us as we chart new frontiers, shaping the future with ingenuity and vision.

Meet Our Cool Companies!

Salem Craft, your odd and obscure digital marketing agency. Fueled by our passion for Halloween, We offer top-notch websites and digital marketing services to haunted attractions, destinations, ghost tour companies, and paranormal investigators. We work with businesses that are not Halloween-related as well.

At Epic Beauty Inc., we specialize in creating high-quality eyeshadows that can be personalized to reflect the unique style and identity of each consumer. Our customizable products allow you to infuse your individuality into every palette, ensuring that your personal essence shines through. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or a beauty professional, our bespoke eyeshadows are designed to help you stand out and express your true self. Let us help you create a signature look that resonates with your personal taste and elevates your beauty routine.

Equality, Diversity, and Human Rights

We really care about fairness for everyone, no matter who they are. We want everyone to be treated with respect and have the chance to do well. Let’s make a world where everyone is included and celebrated, and where everyone’s rights are important.